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Your pets carbon footprint might shock you… 👀

Updated: Feb 27

According to the AMERICAN INSTITUTE of

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, the average size dog is responsible for 770kg (1,697.56 lbs) of CO2e per year. A bigger dog could create a footprint of up to 2,500kg (5,511.56 lbs) per year. This is the equivalent of a 90 hour drive.

| PAWS dog poop pick up service | Pet Waste Removal
| PAWS dog poop pick up service | Pet Waste Removal

The majority of their carbon footprint is generated from their diet.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE reported that a country made up of just cats and dogs would rank fifth in the world for meat consumption, which has a huge impact on the climate. A dog can have a considerably higher carbon footprint than a car, especially if it has a very beef-intensive diet. A large dog’s carbon footprint could be up to 2x that of a family car's average annual usage.

What can you do about it?— Offset Your Pets waste.

When it comes to making your pet environmentally friendly, there is only so much that cutting their food, swapping their toys and changing their litter will do.

It is unavoidable that having a pet is going to cause some emissions that hurt the planet.

Fortunately PAWS pooper scoopers pickups up your pets waste and composts it. This renews your best poo into agricultural benefits.

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