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Carbon… what’s the big deal?

Updated: Feb 27

If life is carbon and it is all around us, why does it matter if MORE carbon is released around us right?

Well to answer, quick chemistry lesson. All things are bonded with carbon, but carbon (mon)oxide CO and carbon (di)oxide CO2 are the gases that forms from this basic compound. Both gases are odorless but use oxygen very differently around us.

CO2 - Carbon dioxide, has two oxygen molecules with one carbon. So because there is more oxygen bonded with the carbon, this gas can help create more life around us in the environment. It's actually needed.

CO - While carbon monoxide, is one carbon to one oxygen and this gas is very dangerous. It's poisons. It's what fire makes as a gas in closed spaces. So does vehicles, and all others the combust things. But CO is what happens when these carbons broken down by energy and is released into the atmosphere under an anaerobic or "without oxygen" state.

So when we add more carbon to the environment around us we are creating an environment of the more harmful gas "carbon monoxide" which is killing both the atmosphere and ourselves.

So when we clean up our pet waste, we are keeping the carbon in the poo "plus other dangerous organisms" out of the local environment. Then buy composting the waste, we can reuse this carbon as carbon dioxide for plants and other sources.

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